Part 1 - Overview of Dashboard


This Financial Planning Dashboard is user friendly and easy to navigate.Clients are able to see all of their accounts in realtime and in one place.

The Home page of this dashboard has 7 tab options. The Home button gives a summary of all accounts, i.e. available cash, credit card debt, investments, life insurance, outstanding loans, real property, and stock options.

Not only are clients able to see what investments we manage for them, but they are able to see and link all investments outside of management such as 401K's and Retirement Accounts. They can see the investments performance daily all in one place and in realtime. They can also see allocations to make sure that nothing is being repeated in certain areas.

A lot of focus will be in the spending summary which shows all income being brought in for the month, expenses being spent and the net.The importance of this summary is that at any given time you can check the system to see exactly where you're at for the month. The biggest mistake people make after creating a great budget is that they don’t go back and track their budget or go back to see if its a realistic. A lot of times clients are trying to make decisions after they’ve spent the money. 

When everything is in one place and at your fingertips, you're able to check where you are at at any given time.The dashboard is auto linked and is constantly being updated which means you don't have to maintain it. You are able to see in what category you are spending and even down to the transaction. 



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