Part 10 - Snapshot of Advanced Financial Planning


The Vault tab on the Dashboard is a place for clients to store and share confidential information. Things like pictures of jewelry, special instructions, important documents, and insurance policies, its basically an electric file cabinet. This is the section that ultimately will grant access to whoever they leave in charge if something where to happen to them.

Also an option for clients to view reports. One of these is the balance sheet which gives a summary of their accounts, assets and liabilities, and net worth which already populates on their dashboard. The Cash flow report shows year by year at any given age the income that is coming in and expenses that are going out. This lets us know whether or not the client is on track. Once everything is set up in the spending budget, we can determine which reports the clients need to have accessible.

The Financial Planning Dashboard is truly amazing, clients can now have the confidence to make decisions because they are always able to see where they are at in realtime.



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