Part 3 - Monitoring Your Income, Expenses and Savings in Real-Time


When navigating through the dashboard clients can click on the Organizer tab and see a list of options.

The Account section will show the clients their financial institutions linked such as banking and credit cards.

The Professional Contacts is where they would input business contacts, CPA’s, Attorneys, etc.

The Income, Expenses, and Saving section will show their annual income, annual living expenses, annual living and annual contributions and savings.
As Financial Moxie is able to collect and upload more data into the system we can makes changes to these sections if needed.

In the Future Goals section, data we’ve obtained previously from the clients such as retirement age, college savings, and home improvement budgets will populate. These expenses are important because as we start tracking the budget we are able to see if the client has enough money or needs to save more in order to be on track with their goals.

The Financial Priority section prioritizes what matters most to the client such as retirement, managing a budget, and minimizing taxes. Users can always reorganize these if they change overtime.

Clients will take a short questionnaire to figure out their risk tolerance. Its important to know how aggressive or conservative a client is when looking at or making their investment portfolio. Having this information allows us to make sure their portfolios match their risk tolerance.



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