We’ve all heard of LinkedIn… it’s the website you use to network yourself and your skills, make connections, and eventually get job offers. A lot of people use it to keep up with the people in their field they admire, to inspire them and give them goals. Others use it to recruit potential employees, evaluating applicants on the content of their personal page and connections. Regardless, LinkedIn seems like a great resource for job offers, connecting with others in your field, and building your portfolio. So, do you actually need a LinkedIn profile?

Some say that having a LinkedIn is a waste of time. According to an article written by Wall Street Journal, most connections yield little to no activity and few interactions. Many users let their profiles fade out of date and rarely update their information. The site has also been criticized in recent years for its unappealing appearance, lack of user-friendliness, and often overwhelming users with spam instead of real connections. It seems like most people have an account because they’ve been told they need one – not because they’re interested in using it to network.

On the other side of the spectrum, many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to look for job candidates. Many LinkedIn users get job offers through the website right out of college, others use it to connect with peers and build professional relationships. Users who regularly update their profile are more likely to be noticed by potential employers and can build more connections. Recruiters advise to think of a LinkedIn as a digital resume – a tool that is becoming increasingly crucial. However, many say that your success on the website is determined by your field.  

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine if you need a LinkedIn. Evaluate if it will benefit you in your job search, if it’s a commonly used tool in your field, and how it could boost your online presence. If anything, LinkedIn could provide you with some inspiration and goals for your professional life. If you consistently update your page, make lots of valid and strong connections, and are actively using it to search for a job, it could be a great benefit. It’s all what you make of it, so use your profile to your advantage and make your dream job a reality.  

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