Real-Time Financial Data to Help You Plan Wisely

Financial Moxie’s financial planning dashboard gives it’s clients an at-a-glance aggregated view of their overall financial status, saving and spending habits.  All in a “real time” format!

LEARN MORE about this financial planning tool by diving into the Part 1 – Part 10 Overviews below. These overviews will provide you with a details on how our financial planning dashboard works and how it can benefit your overall financial health long term.   If you are interested in finding out more about how Financial Moxie’s Advisors can help you plan for a solid financial future, request a complimentary consultation below.

Part 1 – Overview of Dashboard

Part 2 – Personalizing Your Dashboard

Part 3 – Monitoring Your Income, Expenses and Savings in Real-Time

Part 4 – Viewing Your Income and Expenses in One Place

Part 5 – Easy Budget Set Up

Part 6 – Tracking Monthly Expenses

Part 7 – Personalizing Budget to Meet Your Need

Part 8 – Budget and Transactions Summary

Part 9 – Paying Attention to Your Investments

Part 10 – Snapshot of Advanced Financial Planning


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