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We help women, families, couples, students, and small businesses achieve financial confidence by providing financial solutions. We make sure our clients understand everything to alleviate their fears and enable them to take control of their financial futures. We empower client to achieve wellness in their finances and beyond!

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Do I need a LinkedIn?

We’ve all heard of LinkedIn… it’s the website you use to network yourself and your skills, make connections, and eventually get job offers. A lot of people use it to keep up with the people in their field they admire, to inspire them and give them goals. Others use it to recruit potential employees, evaluating […]

Remodel Update: Iowa

Our Fairfield, Iowa location is changing every day and revving up to open it’s doors to the public! Boxes that have been checked off the list so far: ✔ eliminated 2 unnecessary doorways leading outdoors ✔ replaced all the windows ✔ added a full view glass garage door to the training area ✔ centered and […]

The Golden Rule of Decision Making

Kristen Hafner – Founder of Financial Moxie Decisions, we make them every day. From what we’re having for breakfast to what credit card to use to buy that amazing new pair of heels, the consequences of our choices can make a big splash or barely cause a ripple. But no matter how small or big […]

Health, Wealth, and Finding Balance

It may seem difficult to connect the dots between physical health and financial wealth, but the correlation is actually very simple. To start, there are certain aspects of each field that are related, most importantly, the self. You are the one who can change your health and wealth in a positive way, and you are […]