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What is a Holographic Will and Why is it Important?

A will is a legal document that contains a person’s instructions of how to distribute his/her property after he/she dies. The following types of wills exist: HolographicNuncupativeJointReciprocal With a holographic will, the testator must write and sign the document by hand. Execution of a holographic will does not require the presence of any witnesses. The […]

Can I Afford To Get Divorced?

To some who have never faced divorce, this appears to be a ridiculous question. The first time I was asked to answer this question for a client, I remember thinking that money is a primary cause of divorce—not a consideration. I have found that for most women the fear of financial security for themselves and […]

Ten Common Obstacles Of An Estate Plan

Intestate succession Outdated estate plan Improper tax planning Improper property ownership Disability Inflation Lack of liquidity Improper appointment of executor/trustee Lost documents Mortality Intestate Succession The term “intestate” describes a person who dies without a valid will. States use intestate succession statutes within the probate process to determine asset distribution of a person who dies […]

An Interview With Robin Goings of Impowher

Robin, Thank you for this opportunity to interview you! You are truly an inspirational woman whose voice needs to be heard. I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know you and am encouraged by your strength. Robin Goings founder of Inpowher, a positive movement geared towards helping women and children who have […]