It may seem difficult to connect the dots between physical health and financial wealth, but the correlation is actually very simple. To start, there are certain aspects of each field that are related, most importantly, the self. You are the one who can change your health and wealth in a positive way, and you are also the one who will be affected by that change. In this case, being selfish is not only acceptable, but necessary. Commitment and accountability are two other big parts of health and wealth. It is essential to commit to your personal health and wealth to succeed in each area. These things are in your control only, so you must take accountability for your commitment. Health and wealth are both positive things (even though they might not always seem like it). Physical health is part of a positive lifestyle; if you feel good, you’ll do good. Having stable finances will also contribute to a positive life, reduce worry, and allow you to make time to do things you love with the people you love. 

Financial Moxie founder Kristen Hafner talks about balance and control in an interview with Purse Strings. She mentions that people often shy away from health and wealth because they’re “scary.” But these are parts of our lives that are completely in our control, so why do we want to avoid them so much? Trying to create a life balance can be intimidating and overwhelming; a lot of things are out of our control, like family and work. Food, fitness, and finance, however, are three aspects of life that can be controlled. By compartmentalizing these three things away from other aspects of your life, balance seems more and more achievable.  

The obstacles we face when encountering health and wealth can sometimes feel monumental. But, if you take a step back, they often overlap between the two categories. Fear, avoidance, impulse, and lack of confidence or knowledge are barriers standing in the way of a balance in health and wealth. Recognizing these obstacles is the first step in overcoming them; committing to yourself is the next step. 

To gain confidence and knowledge about health and wealth, seeking out advice from professionals is key. But there are some things you can do on your own as well. Taking accountability for your impulses and working to overcome them is a great first step. Working towards positive change is the goal for finding balance between health and wealth. Considering not only physical health and financial stability, but your personal happiness and goals, will lead to life balance and success. Join in on the conversation on our Instagram page!

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