Kristen Hafner, founder of Financial Moxie, has a passion for helping others. Her mission is to help others balance their health, wealth, and self. She preaches to control what you can, which, in this world, is what you spend, eat, and how much you exercise. As a Certified Financial Planner, Hafner was already knowledgeable about finances and how to plan for the future. Through her experience working with women and couples, she realized that there was a correlation between health, wealth, and personal satisfaction. There seemed to be specific commonalities between health and wealth, such as self, resources, consistency, and accountability. So, Kristen proposed, why don’t we combine the approaches to successful health and successful wealth into one program that encourages success and confidence in both areas? And thus, Moxie Bootcamp was born. 

The Moxie Bootcamp program is based on an essential principle: the team. Kristen’s approach to a positive mindset shift in health and wealth is determined by the need for a strong, committed team. The 60- or 90-day program includes support from Certified Financial Planners, fitness trainers, and nutrition coaches, as well as an optional mental health support group run by two licensed therapists. The key, Kristen emphasizes, is not weight loss, but rather a mind shift, habit change, and commitment to long-term goals in fitness and finances. 

The first 60 days of the program focuses on creating a foundation, learning how to work with the professionals, and habit changing. It is, essentially, the “level one” program. The financial advisor will begin by helping the client organize and understand what they have and set some goals. The trainer and nutritionist will focus on education, basics, and building confidence. Later in the program, the financial planning will become more detailed and intensified. But Kristen emphasizes that she does not want this process to be overwhelming. Therefore, she has structured the program in a staggered way, so that the financial planning will occur at the front or back end of the program and the fitness and nutrition aspects will occur in the middle. 

Moxie Bootcamp is open to all types of clients, but the level-one program is especially helpful for those who are just getting started – whether that be financial, fitness, or health-related. The professionals running the program have been advised to present their information in an easy-to-digest way, perfect for someone who needs help changing their mindset, finances, and health. 

Follow-through is essential for the program’s success. Although it’s hard to overcome feelings of laziness, getting up and moving is so rewarding. It’s all about reaching for goals, gaining confidence, and getting rid of harmful habits. It takes courage to admit you need help, but Financial Moxie is here for you. Moxie Bootcamp is an exciting program to look into if you resonate with anything discussed in this article. Visit our Financial Moxie website to get more information about Moxie Bootcamp to build a positive mindset and balance your health, wealth, and self.

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